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Laytown United Under 9 Pictured Front row Luke Southworth, Riley O’Carroll , Louise Melsop, Reece O’Carroll, Kyle Byrne, Harvey Leahy. Back row Devine Turay, Gabriellus Meska, Mia Lynch, Finn Walsh, Nicholas Dragazova, Cillian O’Meara, Daniel Fagblue.

Manager of Laytown United under 9s Louise Melsop

As a parent I started off cheering every weekend from the sidelines, but as luck would have it one sunny day at our Laytown United family fun day, there was a request made for volunteer soccer coaches.

I played soccer as a kid growing up, but back then female soccer wasn’t very big. At first we were aiming to get a girls team developed within the club but this didn’t happen. I’ve been very lucky to gain my coaching certificates from the F.A.I and I will continue down this path to further my education within this sport and pass on the knowledge to the children.

This season I got a team! my under 9s I couldn’t be more pleased I have a fantastic bunch of kids all unique and a joy to work with. But there in, is the dedication you put in the background work, the training sessions, washing kits, endless text messages and logistics of a away match!! ( I wonder if I could bill the club for Botox and hair dye!!) it can be stressful at times!!

This season we have had some excellent results 1 loss, 1 draw and the rest were wins not bad! ask any @ manager would he sleep well and keep his job…. I think the answer would be yes.

To involve my team in this article I asked them 3 questions
1) who do you want to play for?
2) what position?
3) what will you buy me when you are rich and famous?

Luke Southworth – Wigan or Manchester untied- goalkeeper-swimming pool
Reece O’Carroll- Liverpool- Midfielder- a new hat and a signed football
Riley O’Carroll-Liverpool-defender-sweets
Harvey Leahy- Barcelona-striker- bananas
Nicholas Dragozova- Manchester United-striker- a Mansion
Cillian O’Meara Manchester United- striker-a Lamborghini
Gabriellus Meska Arsenal-striker- a spare car ( well if the Lamborghini breaks down!!)
Finn Walsh- Barcelona- striker- a wine cellar ( he forgot about the wine!!)
Kyle Byrne-Liverpool- striker- a horse

Well In 10 years and all their wishes come true I stand to gain a awful lot!! I will be the most eligible bachelorette in Bettystown and all this before I draw my pension!!

Now ummmmm whatB&B. colour Lamborghini do I want?

Under 9

Louise Melsop

Louise Melsop

Laytown Coach